Employment Opportunities

Job description for Childcare Teacher: (Hiring is on temporary hold. May still apply for future openings.)

Principal Function:

·         Teach and provide dependable, safe, clean, secure, and nurturing care to the children while at our Church, ages 0-4 years in a Christian environment. This includes both serving in the nursery and other preschool aged children when required.


·         Born-again, baptized believer with proven Christian character, integrity, honesty, humility, spiritual depth with knowledge, wisdom, a teachable spirit, and teamwork. Able to communicate with others well and can work in a quick paced environment. Must be good with infants and children.

·         Experience in caring for children between the ages of 0 to 4 and to adapt and interact with a variety of personalities.

·         Supportive of the mission and vision of the church and will teach in accordance with and not contrary to the church’s statement of faith.

·         CPR training required and able to pass a background check and drug screening

·         Once hired, become an active member of FBCN or provide proof (though the Employee Church Endorsement form) that you are an active member of another like-minded in belief and practice Christian church.

·         Agree and sign the church leader commitment.

·         At least 18 years of age

·         Must present the results of a current (within 1 year) Tuberculin and current immunizations.

·         Must adhere to First Baptist Church Child Protection Policy Guidelines and all church policies.


Type:                Hourly. Raises based on performance.

Supervisor:      Children's Director (with final supervision by the Senior Pastor)

Evaluation:       Ongoing and based on the performance of job duties and expansion of ministries.



·         Responsible for providing age-appropriate care which includes: feeding, changing diapers, escorting to the bathroom, maintaining a safe environment, putting children down for naps, holding, or sitting with and cheerfully interacting with children through games, stories, play and prayer.

  •         Teach age appropriate Bible lessons and lead activities according to the curriculum provided.
  •         Be polite, friendly, and courteous to all children, parents, and volunteers and staff.
  •          Check with your supervisor for the days and hours you are scheduled to work.
  •          Check in and out using the correct time card system.
  •          Stay until the children are secured with a responsible adult named on the child’s registration form.
  •          In the event of an emergency notify the parent via the communication system. Cell phone/pager.
  •         Straighten the room and clean any toys/beds before leaving each shift. Used bed sheets will need to be    placed in the dirty linen container and clean sheets are to be placed on the beds. Church staff or the volunteer will be responsible for laundering the sheets. All toys that have had contact with saliva will require special attention. A sanitizing solution will be available to use in the nursery.
  •          Attend an evaluation after a 90 day probationary period and thereafter annually or as required.
  •        Report to the nursery coordinator any issues which are hindering the carry out of the duties or responsibilities.

Other Responsibilities:

  •      Continue in personal spiritual growth through Bible Study, prayer, Holiness, Evangelism and spiritual disciplines
  •        Required regular attendance at one of the Sunday Morning services (if working Sunday mornings) 
  •        Inform & communicate with your supervisor about all activities, events, plans, problems, and issues
  •        Attend and participate in meetings where required
  •        Continue in individual education and self improvement in your area of ministry
  •        Other Duties as assigned by your immediate supervisor or the Senior Pastor


 Termination Policy:

·         Florida is an employment at will state, meaning that Florida employment law is based on the general rule that any employee may be discharged by the employer, or may leave the job, for any reason whatsoever, or for no reason.  In other words, an employer in Florida may hire and fire any employee at any time for any reason.  It doesn’t matter if there is no reason, a bad reason, a good reason, or just the result of a whimsical decision.  Likewise, the employee is free to quit a job at any time without any reason and without any notice.  THERE DOES NOT HAVE TO BE ANY REASON FOR FIRING OR FOR QUITTING.  This is referred to in the law as the “Employment at Will” doctrine.

·         Dependability is essential and the lack of communication, lack of dependability, tardiness, and insubordination are terminable offences and are subject to immediate termination.

·         Immediate termination will occur in cases of intentional verbal, physical, or emotional abuse or neglect of any child, parent, or church member. Termination may occur for failure to carry out job duties as described above or failure to comply with any of the First Baptist Church policies.


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