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Biblical Financial Workshops

Are you interested in learning how to develop a spending plan, pay off debt, and invest the Biblical way?

 This fall, come join us and register for the following classes:


September 13th - Budgeting Basics Class

                (Second Friday of every month)

This class is designed to help individuals and couples who are working on developing a spending plan and paying off debt.  After learning techniques to budget your income, this once a month class will talk about the challenges you face along the way while exploring and implementing Biblically-based solutions.  By this time next year, you'll have an emergency fund saved, less debt, and most importantly, a lot less financial stress in your life.  

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September 27th - Debt vs. Investing

Do you want to eliminate the payday loans, credit cards, student loans, car notes, and even the mortgage in your life?  But, do you also want to save for a house, college, or retirement? Learn how to balance these goals as we explore different methods of determining how much money you can afford to invest.

October 25th - How to Buy a House

Learn what you need to do prepare to qualify for a mortgage and buy your first home. You’ll learn about lending practices, potential fraud, what to ask a potential realtor, and what to look for in a home.


November 22nd - Investing for Retirement

Do you know the difference between an IRA and a 401(k)? Is it better to invest on your own or use a plan provided by your employer? This class will help you to get started down the road to investing for your golden years.

List of "Life U" groups and class schedules click here