Sarah Heller was born and raised in Jacksonville, FL along with her younger brother, Matthew. After graduating high school, she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering Physics from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.  She planned to have a career in the aeronautical field, but God had other plans.  She met her husband Dan in college, and shortly after graduation they were married and sent to San Antonio, Texas.

During their short time at Randolph AFB, Sarah and Dan began attending church together.  They became a part of that church family, and soon after she dedicated her life to following Christ.  Over the next several years, God (and the Air Force) led the Heller family to Shalimar, FL, several years in Clovis, NM, and then back to Navarre, FL.  Along the way, she worked as an engineering designer for a mining equipment company and a civil engineering firm.  She and Dan also became parents in 2008 when they had their first daughter, Elanna.  Elanna was followed by two more daughters, Alice and Clara.  Today, you can find all of the Heller children running through the church between services.

After she had kids, Sarah worked as a freelance writer.  When she found out that her FBCN church home was looking for a Business Manager, the Holy Spirit told her to use the skills she had developed from years of managing her business to help the church.  She prays every day for God to give her the wisdom to make the right decisions (and get those decisions entered into the computer correctly).

Meet Sarah Heller